1 June 1863

Columbia [Kentucky]
June 1st 1863

My dear Mother,

I wrote a letter to you yesterday but owing to the orders that we have just received, I will write again today. The orders are that the men are to have three days rations in their haversacks and give more in the knapsacks and to be ready to march immediately. Officers are to give up their wall tents and use shelters just as the privates and all their extra baggage is to be sent to he rear. I believe I shall throw away my blanket and only carry one rubber, one tent, and an extra pair of socks. I shall wear one shirt and throw the rest away.

The pontoon train is on the road and we no doubt have got to cross the Cumberland river and fight our way into Tennessee. If you do not hear from me again soon, do not worry for I will write as soon as possible.

I understand that the 36th Mass., 45th Mass., 27th and 17th Michigan are to constitute the 1st Brigade, 1st Division under the command of Col. Henry Bowman. Excuse haste.

Yours with much love, — Charley

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